The Source Coffee - Thermal Shock Orange Bourbon CH46, Oscar Hernandez - 200g

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Los Nogales always puts out some dope coffee, and this one is no exception! If you like fun funky coffee, this one is a must try!

Tasting Notes: Orange Sherbet, Fanta


Beans are sorted then shocked with 80C water for 1 Minute, followed by rapid cooling with cold water for 3 minutes. This process breaks down the sugars, which contributes to the final flavor of the coffee.

Pulping and adding sugars: the coffee beans are pulped, and sugars obtained by pressing the shells of the same beans are added. This can improve the flavor profile and give the coffee certain sweet notes. 

The beans then undergo a fermentation process that lasts 120 hours. During this time, the sugars break down, which influences the flavor and acidity of the coffee. The addition of preferments, similar to sourdough in bread, is also mentioned, which can provide unique characteristics to the coffee. Finally, the fermented coffee beans are dried in the sun for 15 days. This step is essential to reduce the moisture of the beans to a level suitable for long-term storage and to further develop the flavor of the coffee.