Olaya's Pink Bourbon

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Size: 250g

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Double Ferment Washed Olaya's Pink Bourbon

La Cinta - Tolima - Colombia

Notes: Red Fruits, Caramel, Fig, Sweet

250g or 1kg bags available - Tax Included - Single Origin - Whole Bean


This lot of Pink Bourbon underwent Washed processing at La Cinta. Cherries are sorted in floating tanks to select only dense ripe fruit. Whole cherries are fermented in plastic tanks for 24 hours of aerobic fermentation. The fruit is then pulped and placed back into the tanks and sealed for 100 hours of anaerobic fermentation. During this stage, the tanks are opened after three days to manually release the CO2 that has built up during fermentation. Seeds are washed and moved to the greenhouse drying area where it is dried for 20–25 days.

This coffee is versatile and works well with all types of brewing processes.

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