John Small Roastery - Kiangai AA Top SL-28 Kenyan 200g

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John Small Roastery is a micro roaster based in Seoul Korea. This will be their first wholesale order in America, and we are very excited to be featuring them! 

Kiangai Coffee station is located in the Kirinyaga region. It was founded in 1954 and is mostly comprised of small holder lots owned by women. It's located at the foot of Mt. Kenya, where there's an ideal altitude and climate for coffee cultivation. Most lots in this area are less than 0.5 hectares and the coffee is shaded by other crops such as bananas and macadamia trees. 

Kirinyaga is my favorite region in Kenya, and it's not often that you find an isolated SL28 lot. This coffee offers a classic Kenyan profile and is a must if you love Kenyans!